Sending a message through a server with a daily / hourly delivery limit

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Sending a message through a server with a daily / hourly delivery limit

Your mail server may have a daily or an hourly delivery limit. That delivery limit has likely been placed mainly to avoid server overloads and to prevent users from sending huge amounts of e-mails in a short period of time resulting in possible outages or the server itself from being blacklisted and other users getting their legitimate messages flagged as spam. For the same reason, your server may also have placed a recipient per message limit, it is the number of recipients you can add to the Cc and the Bcc fields.

Of course MaxBulk Mailer works with all kind of mail servers, including yours, and offers ways to send your message to big lists fulfilling all those delivery requirements. However if you run a business or you simply need to send lots of messages fast through a reliable hassle free service, the best option is to get a real bulk email account.

If you decide to use your current mail server, continue reading...

First of all you have to find out as much as possible about those delivery limits contacting your ISP, your server postmaster or simply searching for that information on Google. When using MaxBulk Mailer, during a delivery, your server may warn you when you exceed the limit through a standard SMTP error but sometimes it will simply disconnect and will not accept any more connections from you during a given amount of time (one hour or one day) or you can even get banned temporally.

As a result you need to set your software to match those requirements in order to deliver your messages at a slower and adjusted pace. When sending messages through a server it is usually a good habit to stagger the delivery as much as possible and if your list is big try to go as slow as possible in order not to be flagged by your server. Yes, the slower the better. MaxBulk Mailer delivery rate can be adjusted using the Group and the Interval settings:

MaxBulk Mailer sends as many messages as the number selected in the Group pull-down menu then wait the amount of time set by the Interval fields before sending to next group and so on. For the screenshot above MaxBulk Mailer would roughly send 100 messages every 5 minutes, it would in fact process 100 recipients, wait 5 minutes, process next 100 recipients, wait another 5 minutes and so on. To avoid problems it is also highly recommended to set the Connections parameter to 1:

Staggering a delivery

Imagine your server has no limits or at least you have never heard or read about them and you have to send a message to a small list of 700 recipients. If you are worried about being flagged as a spammer or being banned from the server, despite in this case the list is quite small, first you have to find out how much time you have to send your message, then set the group and the interval accordingly. For example let's say you want to send your message overnight. That's a 12 hours window. If you choose an interval of 5 minutes, you would have to set the group to 700 / 144 = 5. Another example, you want to send that message during lunch time. That's about 2 hours. If you choose an interval of 5 minutes, you have to set the group to 700 / 24 = 30. In both cases set Connections to 1. With that approach it is much harder to get caught, flagged as a spammer and banned from the server.

Matching your server requirements

Now, what happens if your server does have limits and you know them? It is quite simple actually, just follow the same approach but matching the server delivery limit threshold or higher. Indeed, you can send at a slower pace but never faster.

As an example, it appears that server XXX has a quite aggressive and bulk e-mail unfriendly delivery limit of 1,000 messages per day. The settings would be:

You will find out that sometimes, as with server XXX, the service is not really suitable for sending to big lists as it would take 5 days to send your message to 5,000 recipients. The solution is to use the server you get for free as part as a web hosting package. Such servers don't use to have limitations and when they do, they are far less aggressive.

Anyway, with limits or not, it is highly recommended to stagger deliveries as explained in the previous paragraph. That will prevent you to run into troubles with your server. Remember, you are not the only one out there sending messages to its legitimate list of contacts.


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